Graphic Design

Many of the projects printed at Lumino Press are designed in-house.

We offer concepts in type and design that evoke a particular epoch or have the cutting edge look of the current moment.

The Lumino Press offers graphic design services for a range of printed pieces. From invitations and stationery to business identity and unique marketing packages and books.

We design for all reproduction process, including digital, lithographic, as well as letterpress.

John Balkwill of Lumino Press has designed numerous items for Santa Barbara businesses and institutions, including The Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Citrix Corporations, University of California, Santa Barbara, The San Ysidro Ranch among many others. Click here to see a list of clients.

Balkwill has also designed books for many authors, including limited editions for Pulitzer prize-winning authors Gary Snyder, James McPherson, and Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka, and artists such as Mark Ryden, Mary Heebner and Jacquelyn McBain.

The design process often involves a close collaboration with the client to insure that they realize their vision of what the completed work should achieve.