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Invitations & Stationary

The Lumino Press specializes in the design and letterpress printing of fine quality invitations and stationery. The Press can also design for digital and lithographic processes—sometimes combining techniques for special effects or reasons of cost. We also utilize engraving & hot stamping processes.

The Lumino Press has produced invitation packages for numerous significant events, including weddings held at exclusive locales in the Santa Barbara area, such as the Santa Barbara Biltmore and The Bacara Resort and Spa. Each invitation package is designed in close collaboration with the client and includes not only decisions about the typographic design, but also choices from a wide variety of fine art paper, envelopes and elements such as pressed flowers and gold stamping. The goal is to produce striking pieces of an unusually high quality that will not only inform people of the event, but also set a tone of distinction.

The Press can also produce a variety of items that relate to the event, such as programs, menus and photo albums, all designed in a way consistent with the invitations and the decor of the event itself.
Selected Typefaces Symbols & Images
invitation in blue with letterpress
invitation sample with letterpress monogram
Invitation with die cut envelope
invite sample with letterpress

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